What's the cheapest way to protect your bees?  Support MD's Apiary Inspectors. They're stopping the spread of bee diseases.   

State Apiary Inspector Cybil Preston and  Mack-the-dog are certified in American Foulbrood detection. At no charge to the beekeepers, they inspect hives throughout the entire state, along with just a handful of other inspectors. The project is  only partially funded by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, so we should do two things to help them protect our bees:

  1. Supplement their budget by donating to the Apiary Fund. A reasonable donation might be $5 per colony, or $25 per yard. All donations directly support Apiary Inspections across Maryland.
  2. Register your hives (free!)  With state resources under fire, we need to let the legislature know how many people depend on this service.  Stand up and be counted by registering your apiary (Plus, registering is required by law.)  Click here for registration form.


Support Maryland Apiary Inspections instantly

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Help Protect Maryland Bees!



To Pay by Check:
Please make checks payable to "MDA" and send to:
50 Harry S Truman Parkway
Annapolis, Maryland 21401



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