November 2 Honey Show to Offer $1,530 in Prize Money, Here are Some Pointers!

The 83rd Annual MSBA Honey Show will take place at the Fall Meeting, November 2, in Annapolis. You can learn more about the honey show and its rules here, but First VP Kim Mehalick wants to encourage your participation and offer some tips for success!
"It's already time to prepare your honey show entries! Pour your bottles early this week so the air bubbles can rise." Some other pro tips? Bring an extra cap, and replace the one your entry traveled in before handing it over.
Bring a microfiber cloth along, andcarefully wipe away any fingerprints, dust or smears that might have come with travel.
Watch those fill lines! That ridge bellow the screw threads up top is the "Fair Fill Line:" you want each of your three one pound bottles (if you are not a first timer) to reach exactly the same middle point of that ridge.
You still have time to get your entry through a fine filter, and to have the bubbles introduced in the process rise and be removed.
If your honey has started to crystallize now that the weather is cooling, you have time to gently warm it: consider a register through which your home's heat is rising, or placing your entry in a cardboard box in a low-temp oven (with the heat OFF) for a few hours.
EAS has a full page of dos and don'ts, as well!