Plate 2

The Maryland State Beekeepers Association has its own MVA License Plate!

YOU can drive around with a HONEY BEE LICENSE PLATE! - thanks to Baltimore beekeeper Bob Crouse, who spearheaded the effort.

To be purchase the plate, you must:

1. Be a member of MSBA and logged-in. (you are not logged in)

The artwork was created by Adele Morris, beekeeper, and former MSBA Vice-President for Prince George's County. MSBA members chose it by vote, in 1999.

2. Use a Credit Card* or PayPal* to send a $15 Donation to MSBA   Which you can do below once you log-in  

3. Submit forms to Maryland Dept. of Transportation, along with their fee of $25

Non-members can join MSBA by clicking HERE ( $10/year or $200/lifetime)
Members can click HERE to login.

Once you are a member and logged-in, you will see additional directions below.


* Questions?   
Bob Crouse, Treasurer
1606 Dogwood Lane,
Bel Air, MD 21015-2502
(410) 638-0105