Visit the HoneyBeeHangout: An e-Obs Hive with a Vibe!

Did you ever wish for an observation hive you could bring anywhere, watch anytime, see everything, and even discuss in real time? We have one for you and it's local! theHoneyBeeHangout on Twitch!

One of the most active beekeepers in our region, BillytheBeekeeper, is the inspiration and one of the partners behind a brand-new streaming observation hive, theHoneyBeeHangout, on Twitch.

honey bee hangout descriptionThis is a pilot project, a labor of love primarily meant to reach out to non-beekeepers with incredible real time images of bees engaged in healthy behaviors with bee facts and questions answered in the chat, accompanied by a cool musical vibe that you (and the bees) can dance to.

There are four views that often show the behaviors we love: a laying queen, eggs standing in cells, workers tending young or festooning to build comb, curing honey, and trophallaxis (among so so much more)! There are both internal and external views of colony activity, and even an "EXIT" sign inside the entrance.

There is a streaming bot that offers up honey bee facts, and Billy and other beekeepers stop by to take chat questions from the public.

Twitch and other streaming channels are supported by user subscriptions (if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get one for free and could use it to support theHoneyBeeHangout) so the project will last only if it meets a need and connects with a community. As someone who is frequently in the classroom and cannot always bring an observation hive, this channel makes my day! I also run it on my second monitor for a pick me up when weather keeps me at my desk and away from RL bees. 🐝❤️🐝

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