Buy Local Queens

Need to re-Queen?  MSBA created this bulletin board to help beekeepers find local queens to buy.  MSBA members who have queens ready to sell can add their contact info to this list using their MSBA Profile Page.

County ZipCode City First name Last name Phone_Number Email
Saint Mary's County 20653 Lexington Park Kyle Matthew 831-601-0911
Saint Mary's County 20656 Loveville Josh Calo 410-808-9949
Harford County 21009 Abingdon Todd Cichonowicz 4436436678
Harford County 21009 Abingdon Yvonne Wagner 4434170993
Baltimore County 21087 Kingsville Daryl Voorhees 443-797-2309
Baltimore County 21117 Owings Mills Wayne Kronstadt 4438298237
Baltimore County 21117 Owings Mills Claudio Levin 4102072591
Garrett County 21561 Swanton Lori Taylor 3018767331
Dorchester County 21613 Cambridge Melissa Newton 4434772327
Kent County 21651 Millington Vanessa Holloway Truxon 4106991728
Not in Maryland 21771 Mtairy Aaron Tressler 4108087680
Carroll County 21797 Woodbine marty rankin 667-240-3767
Somerset County 21853 Princess Anne Jim Leether 443-944-4840

This listing is provided as a free service.  MSBA does not screen or endorse sellers.

(MEMBERS, add or remove your name from this page using your Profile Page.)