Bee Classes & Clubs


Bee Clubs in and around Maryland are invited to announce upcoming Beekeeping Classes on this page.

If your club has an upcoming bee class, an officer of the club can request the class be posted on this page by clicking HERE.

MSBA does not review or endorse these classes, so potential students should contact the course instructors directly to see if the classes will meet their needs.




BEEKEEPING CLUBS IN MARYLAND: Your Chance to improve beekeeping -- for yourself and others

Whether you are new to beekeeping, or were born holding a hive tool, it is important to maintain  memberships in both local and state clubs.

Our STATE CLUB, the Maryland State Beekeepers Association...

  • brings internationally renown experts to your meetings to explain the latest bee discoveries, challenges, and methodologies
  • supports state inspectors, who make all our hives healthier
  • helps educate policy makers, so we can maintain a bee-friendly environment

LOCAL CLUBS, like the ones listed below...

  • bring neighboring beekeepers together, establishing a sense of community
  • is a reservoir of insights to your hyper-local challenges with pests, nectar flows, weather, etc
  • provides new beekeepers with hands on mentoring
  • helps experienced beekeepers protect their colonies' health by sharing best practices with newbees



Local Beekeeping Organizations

CLICK on the Organization name to see their WEBSITES