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Bee Clubs in and around Maryland are invited to announce upcoming Beekeeping Classes on this page.

If your club has an upcoming bee class, an officer of the club can request the class be posted on this page by clicking HERE.

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BEEKEEPING CLUBS IN MARYLAND: Your Chance to improve beekeeping -- for yourself and others

Whether you are new to beekeeping, or were born holding a hive tool, it is important to maintain  memberships in both local and state clubs.

Our STATE CLUB, the Maryland State Beekeepers Association...

  • brings internationally renown experts to your meetings to explain the latest bee discoveries, challenges, and methodologies
  • supports state inspectors, who make all our hives healthier
  • helps educate policy makers, so we can maintain a bee-friendly environment

LOCAL CLUBS, like the ones listed below...

  • bring neighboring beekeepers together, establishing a sense of community
  • is a reservoir of insights to your hyper-local challenges with pests, nectar flows, weather, etc
  • provides new beekeepers with hands on mentoring
  • helps experienced beekeepers protect their colonies' health by sharing best practices with newbees



Area Beekeeping Organizations

CLICK on the Organization name to see their WEBSITES

CLUB and WebsitePRESIDENTEmailPhone
Allegheny Mountain Beekeepers Assoc.Lew
Anne Arundel Beekeepers Assoc.Carl
Appalachian Beekeepers Assoc.Hop
Assoc. Of Southern Maryland BeekeepersSusan 863-0349
Baltimore Backyard Beekeepers NetworkBeth
Bowie Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Assoc.Maggie
Carroll County Beekeepers Assoc.Larry
Central Maryland Beekeepers Assoc.Chris
DC Beekeepers AllianceToni
Eastern Shore Beekeepers Assoc.Paul Dill(302) 249-1866
Frederick Backyard BeekeepersJohn 639-1894
Frederick County Beekeeping Assoc.Liz
Howard County Beekeepers Assoc.Dave
Lower Eastern Shore Beekeepers
Montgomery County Beekeepers Assoc.Leon
Northern Virginia Beekeepers Assoc.
Susquehanna Beekeepers Assoc.Jason 978-1175
Upper Eastern Shore Beekeeping Assoc.Donald 708-6360
Washington County Beekeepers Assoc.Greg 430-7059
Wye River Beekeepers Assoc.David 344-1956


Previously Offered Classes:

MARCH 02 2019 - MSBA Bee Academy and The Bee Squad Present...

MARCH 02 2019 – MSBA Bee Academy and The Bee Squad Present…

CLASS is FULL. Waitlist Available. Making Nucs & Splits. Sat. MARCH 02! Start making your own Splits and Nucs (and stop buying bees!). This course will cover basics of splitting and making nucleus colonies commonly used in small scale operations. We will explain the ...
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