Do You Have a Swarm of Honey Bees?
Maryland Beekeepers Want to Give them a Home!

Beekeepers in Maryland are very interested in saving swarms of honey bees, especially successful colonies that grow strong enough to swarm! You can help us protect and raise a sustainable local honey bee population by calling in one of our members to remove a swarm from your property!

What is a swarm?

A gentle honey bee swarm. The bees are resting on their way to a new home. They will leave within hours or days.

Take a look at the pictures on this page: honey bee swarms are literally thousands of individuals collected in a mass around their queen, waiting for scout bees to return with news of a new hive site to which they can move. Swarms can form on tree branches, porch rails, fire hydrants, outdoor grills -- just about anywhere. They are gentle and generally rest in one location for only a short time. It's important for a beekeeper to be called in quickly to gather up the swarm and place it in a safe hive.


What is a NOT swarm?

Beekeepers only collect honey bees: not bumblebees, not yellow jackets, not wasps, not hornets nor ground nesting bees. We have some information about some of these other insects here. Sometimes a flowering bush receives a lot of attention from many pollinators - they are collecting supplies to take back to their home.    Unless there are thousands tightly packed together in a ball, it's not a swarm either.

Bee colony in your building/structure?

Removing a honey bee colony that nested inside a home's wall.

Some, but not all, beekeepers can remove honey bee colonies that have created hives within a wall, attic, or other structure. This is specialized work called "structural removal" and the beekeepers who will do this work are noted below. Please note that beekeepers are not contractors, and you should discuss ahead of time what kind of access/damage is OK and the potential cost of the removal.


Who you gonna call?

If you live in MONTGOMERY COUNTY, click HERE to report your swarm.

If you live in D.C., contact Toni Burnham,, 202-255-4318 (manages list of beekeepers)

If you live elsewhere in Maryland, CLICK HERE to find a beekeeper in your county.