Buy NUCs and Packages Locally

Need BEES?  MSBA created this bulletin board to help beekeepers find local beekeepers selling NUCs or Packages. MSBA members who have bees ready to sell can add their contact info to this list using their MSBA Account Profile Page.

Only Need a QUEEN? Click HERE for our list of Local Beekeepers with QUEENS for Sale

This list is provided as a free service, and  MSBA does not screen or endorse sellers.

This list is sorted by zipcode, but you can sort by any column by clicking on its header.

County ZipCode City First name Last name Phone_Number Email
Not in Maryland20155GainesvilleKarla and GeorgeEisen
Charles County20640Indian
Saint Mary's
Prince George's
Prince George's County20740Berwyn
Prince George's County20769glenn
Anne Arundel County20778West
Prince George's
Anne Arundel
Carroll County21157WestminsterLawrence (Larry)
Baltimore County21227BaltimoreApex BeeCompany,
Carroll County21771Mount

This listing is provided as a free service.  MSBA does not screen or endorse sellers.

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