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The Maryland State Beekeeper Association is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of beekeeping and the improvement of beekeeping skills in Maryland since 1908.  MSBA membership is the perfect compliment to your local club membership, and your next step in advancing your beekeeping

20 More Reasons to Join MSBA

  • 1 Swap tips and tricks with beekeepers from across the state
  • 2 Meet experts from across the country 
  • 3 Receive our e-newsletter, the 'Beeline', to stay up-to-date with beekeeping news and events
  • 4 Find local Queens for Sale (or list your own for sale) on our special web page.
  • 5 Become authorized to buy an official Maryland Beekeeping License Plate for your vehicle
  • 6 Choose to post your Local Honey for Sale  in our online list, and drum up extra business
  • 7 Choose to post your contact info in our Members Only Online Directory - Members can find each other to bee friends 
  • 8 Coming in 2019 -- Choose a 'Hassle Free' membership which will automatically renew your membership each year ***

***Available only when paying by credit card

We hold 3 meetings a year, and they are HUGE.

  • 9 100's of members come (we have over 800 members!)
  • 10 A variety of renown experts speak on bees and beekeeping, including biology, genetics, CCD, queen rearing, parasites, anatomy, equipment, etc.
  • 11 Panel discussions explore the pros and cons of various beekeeping approaches and methodologies.
  • 12 Researchers present their latest findings
  • 13 Retail representatives stock booths so you can get a real feel of equipment you've been eyeing in the catalogs.
  • 14 There are also fun drawings for free bee supplies to lucky winners

Your MSBA membership dues help support beekeeping in all of Maryland:

  • 15 Grant Funds for Graduate Students researching honey bees, including queen rearing, bee health, CCD, etc.
  • 16 Maryland Farm Bureau Membership to Support Bee-Friendly Legislation
  • 17 American Bee Federation Membership Support

Membership Dues

  • 18 Annual membership is only  $10 / year!
  • 19 Lifetime membership is only $200
  • 20 Membership period is January thru December

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NEW!  MSBA has created an online membership sign-up that will save hundreds of volunteer hours that can be put toward beekeeping instead of bookkeeping!  It'll also save you time, postage and effort.

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IF you truly cannot pay by credit card or by PayPal, we still want you as a member, but realize that paying by check circumvents all our new automation and generates a tremendous amount of work for our volunteer staff. Click HERE to begin the steps to pay dues via bank check.



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