Technical GUIDELINES for Submitting Items to Appear on the Website

Thank you! Your contributions to the website are greatly appreciated! Please follow these technical guidelines to minimize efforts to post your materials...

  • No pdf files.  PDF files are hard to process for a webpage and make a bad user experience.  If the sole purpose of the .pdf is to be downloaded by members, you can discuss options with the webmaster.
  • TEXT should be unformatted except for words you want in all capitals or bolded.  Please do not underline, center, tab, add spaces, use auto numbering, hanging indents, bullet point, add empty paragraphs, etc. to make the text look nice on your page.  If you need the text to have special formatting, please indicate this in a separate note to the webmaster.  Do not paste photos in your text - they need to be sent separately.   
  • If you want your text to appear on the website as a numbered list or as a bullet pointed list, do not add any numbers, dashes or bullets. Just keep your items as separate paragraphs and add a parenthetical note indicating how you'd like the list to appear on the website. Any formatting you add will have to be removed by the webmaster, creating extra work.
  • PHOTOS  should not be embedded inline with the text, they should be separate files.  Important: before sending photos, please change the file name of each picture to a short name that describes the image.  e.g. Lamas at Microscope 1, 
  • TABLES: Anything you'd like to appear on the website as a table, e.g.  schedules, lists, directory of names and numbers, etc, should be submitted as a separate spreadsheet file  (eg Excel  or Google Sheets) or as a Word Table.  Please do not send an image of the chart (e.g no .pdf or .jpg of the table) - they won't work on a webpage.