News from the Apiary Inspectors, February 2020

Cybil Preston, State Apiary Inspector, MDA
Phone 410-841-5920, Fax 841-5835, Cell 410-562-3464
2019 Statistics:
Maryland has 2,161 beekeepers registered, in 2,716 apiaries and 15,923 registered honey bee colonies.
Mack and Tukka have inspected and certified 2000 colonies so far this winter!
Apiary registration letters
In December, the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Apiary Inspectors Office sent out letters and registrations to all beekeepers who have been active during the last 5 years. Please do send in or email your signed registration if you have not already done so!
MDA also sent out a second mailing and second notice to those who did not return the first registration mailing. This is done by February 4th in order that we can make our Inspectors Lists by the middle of March. Again: please send in your updated form.
High losses feared
With the long stretches of cold weather we have had, I would not be surprised to hear of higher losses, with temperatures too cold for bees to move to their food stores...or bees too weak or the cluster too small. Much of this remains to be seen!I have also been inspecting late Fall and December dead outs, and am seeing high numbers of varroa in the dead brood and small clusters left behind. I again fear a high winter loss this year.
Nucleus colonies
Please remember that, if your are purchasing nucleus colonies from out of state, you will need to have them inspected before entering Maryland.
Also, for nuc suppliers, please contact me or your regional apiary inspector prior to making your nucs or splits so that the parent colonies can be inspected. If nucs are made in Maryland and sold to an out-of-state beekeeper, they must be inspected before movement across state lines. The beekeeper selling nucleus colonies is responsible for finding out from the buyer where it is going.