Dr. Ramsey’s Mite Research


The Tropilaelaps mite is headed our way.  Help Dr. Ramsey STOP THE MITE before it comes to the US!

100% of donations received go directly to Dr. Ramsey.

Dr. Ramsey says “Varroa is the greatest single driver of the global honey bee health decline.”  However, he sees something even more deadly heading our way.  The Tropilaelaps mite.  It breeds even faster than Varroa, and can outnumber Varroa in a hive 25 to 1.  Remarkably, US agencies are underfunding Tropilaelaps mite research because the mites haven’t yet landed here from Asia.  But clearly, they will, just as Varroa did. And Dr. Ramsey wants to be ready for the invasion.

Samuel Ramsey, PhD
Varroa Mite Researcher

We are completely confident Dr. Ramsey will make good use of the grant, because he first grabbed our attention when his research overturned “common knowledge” about Varroa destructor mites.  The parasitic mites don’t feast on bee blood (hemolymph) as scientists believed for 50 years.  Dr. Ramsey proved that varroa mites eat bees’ fat body tissue.  Fat body is “a tissue integral to proper immune functionpesticide detoxification, overwinter survival, and several other essential processes in healthy bees.” Dr. Ramsey’s work “provides a path forward for the development of novel treatment strategies for Varroa.”  For more information about Dr. Ramsey’s Fat Body research read his publication:  https://www.pnas.org/content/116/5/1792

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