2018 Summer Meeting June 16

Join us for this amazing beekeeping event.

LOCATION: University of Maryland/College Park
BUILDING:  Plant Sciences Building, Room 1140 (the auditorium)
ADDRESS:  4291 Fieldhouse Dr, College Park, MD 20742
DAY:            June 16, 2018
TIME:           9AM - 4PM  (Doors open at 8 AM)


2018 June 16 Meeting SCHEDULE

8:30AMRefreshments, Coffee, Donuts, etc.
9:00 AMOpening and WelcomeJim Fraser, EAS Master Beekeeper, President
9:15 AMMaryland Apiary Inspector's ReportCybil Preston, Md. State Inspector
9:30 AMTIPS, Tricks and Tools for the Bee YardDr. Paul Kelly, University of Guelph
10:30AMFALL PREP: It Begins in JulyZachary Lamas, University of Maryland
12:30PMHoney Bee NUTRITION
* Nutritional Stress, behavioral development and Honey Bee Health
* Nutritional Supplements for Honey Bees
Dr. Miguel Corona, USDA/ARS Beltsville Bee Lab
1:30 PMBuckfast Queen Rearing and Bee BREEDING
* Why We Keep Bees on Islands
Dr. Paul Kelly, University of Guelph
2:30 PMREQUEENING MethodsZachary Lamas, University of Maryland
3:30 PMPanel: Senior Beekeepers Respond to Your QUESTIONSJim Fraser, Dr. Paul Kelly, Zachary Lamas
4:00 PMAdjournJim Fraser, President


Paul Kelly

MSBA welcomes Paul Kelly of the University of Guelph as keynote of our Spring meeting. Paul Kelly has managed the University of Guelph, Honey Bee Research Centre since 1987. His primary role at the centre is to manage 300 honeybee colonies for research and teaching purposes. He provides training for students and beekeepers, conducts facility tours for the general public and generally won’t stop talking about bees. His beekeeping career started with a grade six science project and led him to work with bees in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Zealand. His beekeeping interests include Buckfast bee breeding, queen rearing, self sufficient hive management, indoor overwintering, beekeeping equipment and education innovations. Paul has 100 of his own colonies that he manages for nucleus sales and honey production.

Dr. Miguel Corona

Dr. Miguel Corona is a Research Physiologist at the USDA/ARS Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory. The overarching goal of the Bee Research Laboratory is to provide beekeepers and regulators practical advice for maintaining sustainable honey bee populations for pollination and hive products. Dr. Corona received his PhD. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and did further Postdoctoral research at the University of Illinois/Urbana and the University of Lausanne. Dr. Corona and a team including Dr. Jay Evans and Dr. Steven Cook won a $15,000 prize this January in the Bee Nutrition Challenge of the Honey Bee Health Coalition! Their work concentrated on development and testing of optimal seasonal nutritional supplements for honey bees. In his talk, Dr. Corona will be sharing some of the lessons from this important research.

Zachary Lamas

Zachary Lamas is a PhD student in the vanEngelsdorp Lab at the University of Maryland. Zach’s background includes managing honey production and nucleus colonies with Mike Palmer, and his own queen and nuc businesses in New York and North Carolina. He is also establishing a new nuc and queen operation here. He has taught in Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba, and has given talks to the American Beekeeping Foundation. Come learn about queens and how to get your colonies to the queen right position that will help them thrive.