2019 Fall Meeting November 16

DAY:  SATURDAY, November 16, 2019 Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm WHERE: Maryland Department of Agriculture 50 Harry S Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD (MAP) WHAT:  MSBA will convene its 111th Annual Fall Meeting, Elections and 83rd Honey Show!  

2019 Spring Meeting June 15

LOCATION: University of Maryland/College Park
Expert speakers include: Dr Gene Robinson on the GENTLE AFRICANIZED BEES. David Morris on how to prepare entries for JUDGING. Suzy Spencer honey tasting. Enter YOUR HONEY in our contest!
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2019 Winter Meeting February 02

EXPERT presenters will include:
Dr. Samuel Ramsey, cutting edge VARROA MITE researcher expert.
William Sprenkle, QUEEN REARING and evaluations.  How to improve your own stock, Mark Dykes, Bee Squad coordinator for the vanEngelsdorp Bee Lab, and Cybil Preston, MD Apiary Inspector. Read More …

MSBA Website Adds MORE Services

MSBA now has special web pages to help you connect with other beekeepers and the public. Checkout these great NEW FEATURES…

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Free Bee Art

The Art Institute of Chicago has made public 82,000+ high resolution digital images of paintings, prints and other artifacts. All are completely free to download and reuse. I typed “bee” into the search engine and was delighted to find this gem of a print from hundreds of hits. This is from 1578 by Joannes Stradanus, a Flemish artist who Read More …


“You’re not going to find anything in your price range that isn’t full of bees.”

Inspector’s Report

What a crazy weather year! I was hearing about swarms all the way into September…WEIRD!!!!

Unfortunately I am again seeing a large number of “Fall Crash or “Fall Dwindle.” Without opening the beehive you’d think it is a fairly strong because robbing bees can make the hive look industrious. Some symptoms are more than a handful of dead bees in front of the hive with normal activity inside: upon inspection no bees at all meaning no brood no nothing. Some of these hives were treated for mites some were not. My diagnosis is that this is mite/viral load-related. Read More …