2020 November 07 Meeting

The Fall Meeting Will Be A LIVE Webinar -- including Elections!

WHAT: Keynote Speaker Randy Oliver
1: Reading the Combs
KEYNOTE TOPIC 2: Understanding Varroa
DAY: 11/07/20 Saturday, November 07, 2020
: 9AM- 1:00PM

DESCRIPTION: Half-day, online-only meeting of the Maryland State Beekeepers Association. Limited to 500 participants. Admission is Free (and so is parking!)

9:00amOpening and Welcome, Kim Mehalick, MSBA President
9:15amReading the Combs: Understanding Bee Biology Over the Course of a Season, Randy Oliver-Scientific Beekeeping
10:15amMaryland Apiary Inspectors Report, Cybil Preston, State Inspector, Maryland Department of Agriculture
10:40amUMD Bee Squad Update on Recently Completed Varroa Treatment Study, Mark Dykes, Coordinator, University of Maryland Bee Squad
11:05amAnnual Elections, MSBA Nominations Committee
11:30amUnderstanding Varroa and Its Management, Randy Oliver,
Scientific Beekeeping
12:30pmQ & A Session

The 2020 Fall Meeting will not include a Honey Show because we cannot safely meet face to face at the present time.


Randy Oliver
Scientific Beekeeping

RANDY OLIVER  of http://scientificbeekeeping.com will present two talks:
READING the combs: Understanding bee biology over the course of a season. By acquiring a better understanding of the biology of bees, nutrition, parasites, and pathogens over the course of the season, and by learning to "read the combs," the beekeeper can make better management decisions adapted to his/her particular situation.
UNDERSTANDING varroa and its managementThe varroa-virus complex is the number one problem for beekeepers.  See how Randy manages varroa both inexpensively, and without synthetic miticides.

Mark Dykes
UMD Bee Squad

MARK DYKES of The Bee Squad will present finding of their new study that compares post-honey-harvest Varroa treatments here in Maryland.
Apivar was the winner.  You can see the Bee Squad's description of their research in a .pdf file attached HERE.  Their results are in a .pdf file attached HERE

Cybil Preston
MD State Apiary Inspector

CYBIL PRESTON, MD State Chief Apiary Inspector will give an update on Maryland's bees.

Elections for the MSBA leadership will occur during this online meeting. Participate to make sure your voice is heard!


To Participate in the Meeting, all you need to do is click this orange button at 8:50am Saturday, Nov 7th:

Zoom Experts may prefer to join manually:
link: https://umd.zoom.us/j/96393140626
Meeting ID: 963 9314 0626
-- or -- 
Ph. 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 963 9314 0626


This Zoom webinar is accessible via your computer (smartphone or tablet). To 'attend' via computer only requires three clicks:

  1. 10 minutes before the meeting starts, click the ZOOM LINK listed above
  2. When your computer asks, click "open zoom.us.app"
  3. When your computer asks, click "join with computer audio" (this lets you HEAR the webinar. Please keep your microphone muted.)

You can join using a computer, phone or tablet, but to use a phone or tablet you must first download and install the free Zoom MEETING app from the app store, or by clicking HERE.

Connecting to ZOOM before the meeting starts will give you time to work through potential glitches.

To ASK QUESTIONS during the meeting:

TYPE them into the Q&A chat dialog. A club volunteer will monitor questions, then read them aloud so everyone can hear. Please don't 'unmute' your microphone during the meeting.