Notes from the Apiary Inspector

Cybil Preston, State Apiary Inspector, MDA
Phone 410-841-5920, Fax 841-5835, Cell 410-562-3464

Happy Summer!  I hope all are well and healthy.  
We are slowly coming out of the changed work structure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are  easing back into our normal random inspection routine.   
National Honeybee Survey
We will again participate in the National Honeybee survey.  I am looking for beekeepers with 8 or more beehives in the same location, who would be willing and wanting to participate.  This program is free of charge! An inspector will visit in order to take samples of bees and beebread from each colony. Tests are run on the samples and the beekeeper will get a print out and run down of hive issues and viral levels.The level of detail and the range of tests is extraordinary and deeply informative. Anyone wishing to participate should contact me:
We are again participating in the Invasives/Asian Giant Hornet survey. Currently we have traps at the Port of Baltimore and at the Airport.  
About this Spring
The crazy up and down temperatures this spring made it difficult to make splits and nucs and to rear queens in some areas. The same weather fluctuation is also to blame for the shortened honey flow in some areas. The early heatwave hurt some locust blooms in other locations. Things must be coming around, however, due to ALL the swarms I am hearing about.  
AFB Dogs
The honeybee disease detector dogs are now on VACATION til the fall and weather gets colder. They are currently spending their days snoozing and swimming.  

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