Recipe: The Basswood is coming!

Jan Poston Day, MSBA and DC Beekeepers Alliance Board Member, has shared a special recipe that we can only make during the bloom season that has just arrived! This vodka-based aperitif can include both the results of bee forage and one of the plants upon which it is based.

The Basswood Tree (Tilia americana) is a member of the Linden family, and its bloom is a chance to make a signature, super special "product of the hive" that might surprise fellow beekeepers who don't have access to this bloom. It is also an easy, tasty, and unique treat to share with friends, once we are able to do that again.

Jan reports that, in the past, she has turned some heads when neighbors have spotted her attempting to "harvest" from neighborhood basswood trees, and that the beverage is so popular that she has to range further these days to find more branches that she can reach! We hope you enjoy this as well.

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linden liqueur recipe