Beeline June 2019

June 2019

President's Message, June 2019

President’s Message, June 2019

Wow! What a great season so far. My hives are exploding with bees and piled high with supers loaded with nectar and capped honey. I am having a hard time keeping up with them. Sadly, I see that the tulip tree bloom in my backyard is starting to fade but, ...
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WVBA SARE Project Yields Bee Forage Knowledge

WVBA SARE Project Yields Bee Forage Knowledge

In 2017, the West Virginia Beekeepers were award a SARE Grant of $15,000 to study the pollen foraging habits of bees in their part of Appalachia. The work was completed in 2018, and the WVBA wants to share its results with neighboring beekeepers! The objective of this project was to ...
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MSBA Short-Sleeved T-Shirts Available

MSBA Short-Sleeved T-Shirts Available

MSBA once again has short sleeved "I'm A Maryland Beekeeper" t-shirts available for sale in sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL (though there are limited numbers of larger sized shirts)! We have sold out of long-sleeved shirts, but are interested in whether there is demand during the summer months: please email if you ...
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Honey Tasting and Black Jar Contests

Honey Tasting and Black Jar Contests

"In a black jar contest, all that matters is how good the honey tastes to the judges." That's a lot different from the approach beekeepers take to standard honey judging! In fact, most beekeepers spend little time at all evaluating the taste of the honey their bees produce, and expanding ...
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Remembering Mike Embrey: A Hero of Maryland Beekeeping

Remembering Mike Embrey: A Hero of Maryland Beekeeping

Michael Embrey, who taught, worked beside, and befriended beekeepers across Maryland and the world, passed away on May 18, 2019 after sustaining injuries from a serious car accident three weeks earlier.  He is survived by his loving wife YanCai Embrey.  Hundreds gathered for a service of remembrance on Thursday, May 30 ...
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Check out our list of AMAZING BEEKEEPING EVENTS coming up! Local! Regional! National! Global! ...
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News from the Apiary Inspectors, June 2019

News from the Apiary Inspectors, June 2019

The Maryland Apiary Inspectors are once again participating in the National Honeybee Survey! We are looking for beekeepers with 8 or more beehives who would be willing and wanting to participate. This ...
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"Ten Things That Help Maryland Bees" Flyer

“Ten Things That Help Maryland Bees” Flyer

MSBA recently developed a new flyer for use at public events, and is making it available for use by clubs and individuals doing pro-honey bee outreach. The state association will be printing up some copies for distribution, as well. Please contact the MSBA secretary at if you are interested ...
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Beekeeping News and Notes

Beekeeping News and Notes

Click 'Read More' to see the details of honey bees in the news... the first-ever vaccine for honey bee diseases! … local stock may has less to do with overwintering than was though!... royal jelly bolsters stem cells to renew themselves … deformed wing disease finds a new host in Hawaii … new mushroom extract is reducing virus levels in bees ...
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UMD Bee Squad Offers "Afternoons in the Apiary"

UMD Bee Squad Offers “Afternoons in the Apiary”

MSBA is delighted with the many new educational offerings from UMD's Bee Squad, led by Mark Dykes! Here's the latest hands-on opportunity for Maryland (and DC!) beekeepers! More classes will be added to those already complete or scheduled, and the UMD Bee Squad is interested in feedback on content, scheduling, ...
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MSBA Spring Meeting
Biology-Psychology Bldg
Room 1250
June 15, 2019
8:00 AMDrop off for Black Jar Contest
Refreshments, Coffee, Donuts, etc.
9:00 AMOpening and WelcomeJim Fraser, President
9:15 AMMd. Apiary Inspector's ReportCybil Preston, Md. State Inspector
9:30 AMBiology of the Small Hive BeetleDr. Humberto Boncristiani
Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab, Entomology and Nematology Department
University of Florida
10:30 AMThe Basics of Honey Tasting
Suzy Spencer, Master Beekeeper, Urban Beekeeper, BeeCulture Contributor
11:45 AMMSBA’s Black Jar Contest Rules and Criteria
12:00 PMLunch Break & Voting
Round 1 Black Jar Contest Voting
1:00 PMRound 1 Black Jar Contest Results
Results of Black Jar Contest Round 1
Finalist Entries Presented
until 3:30 PM
1:15 PMBeekeeping Excellence: How to Prepare Hive Products for CompetitionDavid Morris, Master Beekeeper, Certified Honey Judge, MSBA Past President
2:30 PMBreakFinal round of Black Jar Contest votes
3:00 PMThe Latest Research on the Efficacy of Small Hive Beetle Traps: What Works?Dr. Humberto Boncristiani
3:30 PMThe "Afternoon in the Apiary Program" from the UMD Bee SquadMark Dykes, Extension Coordinator, vanEngelsdorp Bee Lab, UMD
3:45 PMAnnouncement of Black Jar Contest winner and award presentationJim Fraser, President, MSBA
4:00 PMAdjourn

MSBA 2019 Board of Directors

Past PresidentAllenHayes(410)
MD Apiary InspectorCybilPreston(410)
EAS DirectorPattiWong(240)
Beeline EditorToniBurnham(202)
Anne ArundelDeborahHewitt(410)
Baltimore CityBillCastro(303)
CalvertJerryWorrell(410) 257
CarolinePaulDill(302) 249-1866P.O. Box 571, Wyoming, DE 19934
(443) 521-0941
HowardBrendaKlaunberg(410) 507-2730
Prince George'sDavidClark(443)
Queen Anne'sCharlesCampbell(410)
St. Mary'sHarryDalton(301)
Washington D.C.JanDay(202)