EAS 2021 in Massachusetts: “Past, Present and Beeyond”

The Eastern Apicultural Society Conference for 2021 has been scheduled for July 26-30 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with fingers crossed for the first chance in two years for beekeepers belonging to the largest North American beekeeping association to learn, schmooze, compete and come home better beekeepers.

The EAS Massachusetts 2021 planning committee has been working hard organizing the conference with the theme is "Past Present and Beeyond." The following key speakers have accepted an invitation to present:

Dr. Tom SeeleyDr. Sam RamseyDr. Tammy Horn-Potter
Paul G. KellyErin MacGregor-ForbesHeather Mattila
Bill HesbachScott McArt

You can join the EAS at www.easternapiculture.org. It really is a great way to take your beekeeping to the next level and support a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support beekeeper education and honeybee research.

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